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Born in 1980 in Ravenna, Michigan, Walter Robinson Jr. grew up hunting, fishing, and trapping with his family.  As a small boy, Wally’s family moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and his enjoyment of the outdoors was intensified by the freedom he felt in the woods.  Wally’s happiest memories as a boy include the times when the extended family would visit the U.P. for whitetail deer season.  He also enjoyed coon and rabbit hunting with his dad and uncles.  Growing up raising hunting dogs was part of the family tradition.


Out on the ice of Lake Michigan during a father/son fishing trip, Wally was introduced to a new sport involving dogs.  Unknowingly, the men had set the ice shanty next to a dog race trail.  Wally was fascinated by the idea of running sled dogs and was soon training his dad’s coon hounds to pull him around on a sled.  He worked hard to build a team of Alaskan huskies and soon he was doing well in the local mid-distance races. 


After graduating from High School in 1999, Wally headed to Alaska to pursue his dream of running The Last Great Race.  He accomplished his goal when he finished the 2001 Iditarod.  After seeing Alaska and experiencing the freedom of living in the Last Frontier, Wally knew that he would never be able to live anywhere else.  He moved to Nenana, AK with his wife and bought a small cabin.  Wally soon realized how much the area had to offer in the way of hunting, fishing, trapping, and dog mushing. 


Currently, Wally runs a trap line in the winter, hunts in the fall, and fishes whenever he has a chance.  He still has a kennel of Alaskan huskies and loves to explore new country from the runners of a sled.  His passion is to keep the heritage of hunting and trapping alive for future generations.  Wally loves to listen to elders share stories from the past and feels grateful to learn from their experiences.  He wants to pass on the things he had learned to future outdoor enthusiasts.  Wally, his wife Alissa, and their daughter Emily, live in a small cabin in Nenana and enjoy the simple things in life. 

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